Extra and Cocurricular Activities

Extra and Cocurricular Activities are compulsory for all students. The students are divided in 4 houses Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchan Jangha, Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Maccha Puchhre. The extra and co-curricular activities include cricket, basketball, vollyball, table tennis, athletics, Badminton, Skipping, Carrom, Chess, Cabbadi, Drawing, Dramatics, Music, Dance, Quizes, Debates, Speeches, Story and Peom writing, essay etc.

The School believes that these create opportunities for the students to develop patriotism, co-operation, fitness and socially competitive spirit with leadership and punctuality. The students also involve in the social events that include sanitation, health camp and cultural celebration. All the activities are run as the annual operational calendar. We believe to provide something for everyone.